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Universal Cinema: Emily's Do-A Review

Swedish International Film Festival: Interview/Emily's Do

Review by Rome International Movie Awards (below):

Hello Gary, it's a big pleasure to have you with us for this interview. Congratulations on your ‘Best Documentary’ award at December's edition of the “Rome International Movie Awards.” "Emily’s Do" is a documentary-style film on Emily Sewell Smith, who is someone who uses her hair, makeup, and clothing as her mediums to bring out her own self-expression.

Q. When you first met Emily, what was your reaction to her?
A. I wanted to take her photograph.

Q. Why did you pick Emily to be a part of your documentary?
A. Most people use their look as a means of self expression (whether they realize it or not), but with Emily her look is actually her artform.  Every month she and her hairdresser/colorist Meghan Ritter
(who is also an artist) collaborate on a new artwork painted with hair dye on her head. A statement is made which is political, absurd, or humorous.

Q. Are most of your films documenting unique people in your life?
A. For the most part yes, but not always.

Q. As a photographer, how do you differentiate yourself from others in taking photos?
A. My photography is my vision, their photography is their vision.

Q. Do you often approach a lot of interesting people to hear their stories?
A. Only people who have an interesting look, often there’s a good story behind the look.  However not everyone is comfortable with having their picture taken or telling their story.

Q. Where can we see this documentary?
A. Right now in film festivals, but you can see the trailer HERE.

Q. What do you hope the viewers will get out of watching "Emily’s Do"?
A. Be more accepting of people who are different than you are. Don’t judge people solely by the way they look.

Q. Aside from people, what draws you in to creating photos or films?
A. Subjects that have more than one meaning to me, subjects that I wonder about.

Q. What future projects do you have on the go? And what is your website so others can find out more about you?
A. A continuation of several of my photographic projects: "Pictures from Sylvester Manor", "Slide Show", "Passages", "Personalities", and "Portraits". Also a book and more films. They can view my work on my website (HERE).

Q. Thank you for this very inspiring interview, Gary. Here at the “Rome International Movie Awards” we look forward to seeing and appreciating your new film productions!
A. Thank you. 


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